Paint your front door!

front door_0309
This is part two of what I am calling “operation front porch.” Part one was the new wire basket mailbox. And part three will be replacing the front porch light (but who knows when that will happen).

I have been wanting to paint the front door ever since we moved in. In my opinion, it was just a little blah:
front door_0303
Dark and dreary.
front door_0304
I knew I wanted to paint it a bright color so I finally decided to go with Sherwin Williams Mariner.
I took inspiration from this bird house and also from the pillow that is sitting in the swing on the front porch.
front door_0311 front door_0306
Wow! what a difference a few coats of paint makes!
front door_0308 front door_0307 front door_0310
I think our house definitely looks more cheerful and inviting now! Painting your front door can really change the mood of your whole house and since you only need to buy a quart of paint it isn’t a big investment.

Is your front door a bright color? If not, what color would you paint it?


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