My Ikea Bar Cart

It seems like everyone has a bar cart these days, myself included. When I saw this little turquoise Ikea Raskog kitchen cart I knew that it would make the perfect bar cart for our tiny dinning room. But, with the closest Ikea being 5+ hours away, I don’t get to go very often. We made our first ever Ikea run last year. Imagine my dismay when I got there and this little cart was out of stock. Finally a couple of months ago, Ikea trip #2 was successful! Lets all take a moment to stare at the beauty that is the RASKOG:

This little cart is so versatile and can be used for almost anything. Art supplies? Sure! Books? Awesome mini library! Cups/plates/kitchen utensils? Great for a small apartment! Night stand by your bed? Um, yes! Laundry supplies? Towels in your bath room? I am pretty sure I would make an excellent salesperson for Ikea…

Check out what is going on with my bar cart at the moment: 20130725_0150 copy

If you are looking to stock your own bar cart, remember to check out your local thrift stores for some great deals on glassware. I got a lot of my cocktail glasses at Savers and Goodwill. I also found some old decanters and an ice bucket there!

What should you put on your bar cart besides liquor and glasses?

-How about some fresh fruit or vegetables? lemons, limes, oranges, blueberries, apples, strawberries, raspberries, cucumbers… Slice some  up before your guests arrive or you could even freeze your blueberries or raspberries so guests can pop them into their drinks like tiny ice cubes.

-How about some fresh herbs? Basil, mint, and rosemary are super easy to grow and that way you will always have fresh herbs on hand for your cart! I love adding mint and basil to drinks.

-Keep maraschino cherries, olives, and cocktail onions in your fridge so you can take them out when the occasion calls for it.

-Try adding some cute straws or stirrers for people to pop into their glasses.

-Have an Ice bucket so your guests can add ice to their drinks.

-Have a few mixers on hand: ginger ale, soda, oj, club soda, tonic, sour mix, cranberry juice, simple syrup…

Not a cocktail kind of person? Maybe you like wine? Turn it into a wine cart. Wines, wine glasses, corkscrew, bottle stoppers… Beer person? Chill your beer in the fridge and when guests come over you could turn it into a beer cart. Add lots of different styles and varieties of beer for people to try, have beer glasses, bottle openers, and orange or lime slices if they complement the beer type.

And that is my contribution to the bar cart trend…

What do you keep on your bar cart? Do you have a picture of yours? Post it in the comments, I love to see how other people set theirs up!


20 thoughts on “My Ikea Bar Cart

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  2. I’m using mine for my nail polish and supplies. I lined the bottoms with shelf and drawer liner purchased at IKEA as well because i was worried about the bottles tipping over and spilling and didn’t want a mess on my carpet.

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  12. Love what you did with the cart, but I have to know where the LOVE letters are from! They are so interesting.

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