GARDEN NOTES notebooks

garden notes pics for etsy01 Spring garden notes02 summer garden notes01 fall garden notes03 winter garden notes03 garden notes season 4 pack03 garden notes season 4 pack01

These are Garden Notes notebooks I created for people to jot down their gardening notes in throughout the growing season. I have one original version, as well as spring, summer, fall and winter editions. You can order them separately or in a “seasonal” 4-pack. You can see more photos and purchase your own on my Etsy site.


watercolor 2016 bunting calendar04 watercolor 2016 bunting calendar05 watercolor 2016 bunting calendar01watercolor 2016 bunting calendar03

Cute little calendar I created with watercolors and my own hand lettering. This is a great calendar to hang above your desk for quick reference since you can see all months at once! See more photos and purchase your own on my Etsy site.

2016 BACKYARD HENS calendar!

2016 chicken cal012016 chicken cal03 2016 chicken cal042016 chicken cal05 2016 chicken cal06 2016 chicken cal07 2016 chicken cal08 2016 chicken cal09 2016 chicken cal10 2016 chicken cal11 2016 chicken cal12 2016 chicken cal13 2016 chicken cal14 2016 chicken cal15

After years of talking about it, I have finally created a chicken calendar! Each month is a new watercolor illustration of a different breed of hen and the kind of egg she lays! This would make a great holiday gift for your friends and family that love their backyard hens :) Visit my Etsy site to purchase one.



This is a Flyer that I created for The Southern Center for Agroecology. This artwork is promoting clean eating as a way to improve your health as opposed to turning to medications for every problem. I believe that food can be your medicine…both mentally and physically.


The back of the flyer is a checklist suggesting ways to become more involved in your local food system. You can go to The Southern Center for Agroecolgy’s website and print out your own checklist to hang up on your fridge. It would be a fun activity to do as a family this summer and fall :)


Arc Bread and Brewing logo


Logo I designed for a new bakery and brewery in Little Rock, Arkansas. Many thanks to Reece Ousey for help with the typography. Check out the Arc Bread and Brewing Facebook page to see where you can sample some of their tasty brews.