Happy February

FEB 14 cal
Happy February! Can you believe it? Print out your calendar HERE. Just download the original size and print :)

If you need any ideas for a gift to give your sweetheart…clink on over to Bourbon and Boots to check out some local southern goodness.

If your sweetie likes bourbon, check out the mason jar gift set with illustrated bourbon cocktail recipes!


Bourbon Lover’s Valentine’s Gift Set

Are you looking for a cool Valentine’s Day gift? Check out these Bourbon Lover’s mason jar sets from Bourbon and Boots! This set comes with a mason jar cocktail shaker, a set of mason jar shot glasses and a mini booklet of my 5 bourbon inspired cocktail recipes.
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Head on over to Bourbon and Boots to check it out!

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Remember when I posted about my Ikea Raskog bar cart? It was featured on Apartment Therapy! I just love this cart because you can use it in a million different ways. And the color…you guys know how much I love turquoise right?

Click on over to the Apartment Therapy post to see how others are using their Raskog carts. This really makes me want to take a trip to Ikea…


Leftover Champagne?

jubal early punch026

Did you see the champagne recipe illustrations I did for Bourbon and Boots? Check them out here! I know, New Years Eve is over….but if you have any leftover bottles of champagne hanging out in your cabinet, you may want to add these recipes to your recipe book. Print them out on my flickr or you can order my cocktail cookbook  and I will include these illustrations with your order.

French 95027


2014 Goals


I’m sure you all have had time to contemplate your goals and resolutions for the new year. Now it is time to write them down for the world to see. I like to write my goals down and hang them somewhere so I can see them every single day and make a point to cross off every goal before the end of the year. Try writing down things that you have always wanted to do and really make a point to do them this year. Make plans, make dates, book trips and schedule plans in your calendar months in advance so you can not talk yourself out of doing the things that you really want to so. Quit saying “some day” and make it happen today…. It is amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it. RIGHT?

You can make your own goals list or you can print out the one above here on my flickr. Just download the large size and print. Write your goals inside the circles :)

Let’s get stuff done this year, shall we?


Go Green in 2014


Print the Fruity Green smoothie recipe out HERE. Just download and print.

Ok, I know you guys were all like “I am going to really eat healthy this year” on January 1st. It is January 6th now….still eating healthy? I know some people say it is too expensive to eat healthy or it takes too much time to prepare a meal every night. True, driving through and grabbing some fast food may be cheap and easy, but you aren’t really doing yourself any favors! I always like to think about what I am putting into my  body right now and how that will affect my future health. For example, I would like to take the time now to prepare healthy foods and may even spend more money to buy fresh and local ingredients because I know that this will save me money and time in the long run. I won’t be spending all my money and time at the doctors when I am older because I took care of my body when I was younger. Get it?

If you are looking for something really quick and easy, why not give green smoothies a try? You just throw all the ingredients in a blender and you are good to go! These are great for breakfast or a quick lunch.


Print the PBC green smoothie recipe out HERE.


Print the pumpkin pie green smoothie recipe out HERE.

Have you ever tried green smoothies? What is your favorite recipe?


Hello 2014!

A new month, a new calendar. Download and print this January 2014 calendar here. This is a great calendar to put on your fridge or desk to keep track of your plans.

Can you believe it is 2014? I am looking forward to a great year. Bring it on 2014!

I am still selling my fruit and veggie calendars on Etsy in three sizes. Check them out here!


A Classic Champagne Cocktail (recipe + printable)

You WILL want to make this classic champagne cocktail for your New Years Eve party this year. So classic and elegant!

Print this recipe illustration here. Just download the original version and print!

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and happy new year. I am taking a break from posting now, but I plan to be back in January with a calendar printable.